Friday, 1 March 2013

The Adventures of Cecilia Spark

I am incredibly proud of my latest achievement!A few weeks ago  I received an order from the wonderful, talented Ngaire Elder; author of The Adventures of Cecilia Spark. She asked me to make her a doll to replicate her character Cecilia! What an honour!

I based the doll around book one: The Adventures of Cecilia Spark: The Brimstone Forest.  And here she is with her pal, Soldier the Mouse, already to be shipped to her new home in Spain...

I received the most beautiful email from Ngaire when Cecilia arrived with her. You can't believe how much this has made me smile this evening...
Dear Aimie

I collected my Cecilia Spark Doll from the newsagents today and I was stunned .... she is fantastic; identical to her picture on the cover of Book One, The Brimstone Forest. And, Soldier the Mouse is so darn cute. I didn't realise the doll would be such a generous size, just perfect.
When I was in the shop Peter Maddocks was there collecting his mail and he waited to see what was in the parcel; he is over the moon. He says you have done a wonderful job.

The quality of the materials you have used and your craftwork is very high. Thank you, Aimie, for bringing Cecilia Spark to life ... she will inspire me to write lots more adventures.

kindest regards

I can't believe Peter Maddocks saw it too! I've been a fan of his since The Family Ness in the 80's! HUGE HUGE proud moment for me and I feel so honoured working with such talented people. I can't explain how happy I am right now!
Ngaire also sent me this lovely photo of Cecilia in her new home.  It looks like she's enjoying the Spanish sunshine!
After she sent this, I received two more orders for Cecilia Spark dolls... one from the talented illustrator Peter Maddocks and one from Ruth Watson, authour of the Voxian series! I will stop grinning soon honest!

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