Wednesday, 1 May 2013

We have a winner!!!

Wow I'm so proud of my little page and how much support I am receiving from all of my followers and likers of my Facebook page.  So many of you shared the giveaway and commented on the competition post.  I am truly grateful.

There were so many lovely comments, and also some really sad ones about poorly children.  I wish I could give a doll to everyone.  It was so hard to choose, so the easiest and fairest thing to do was to put all the names in a hat and drawer one out at random..

I wrote down the names of everyone who completed all four steps to enter the giveaway competition and my son, Oliver folded all the pieces of paper, put them into a hat (or rather an Ikea storage tub!) and shuffled them all about. 

Amelia was bathed and ready for bed but woke up a bit when she saw what we were doing and wanted to help too, so she picked a piece out....

And we discovered the winner was.......

 Michelle Dann!!!

Congratulations Michelle!!!!  I will contact you about your prize shortly.
Thank you to everyone for taking part. xxx


Michelle Dann said...

OMG I am sooooooo happy I just literally sceamed yes lol , Thank you for picking me Amelia, my friends daughter is going to be so happy x x

Kelly Whitbourn-Ritchie said...

Ahh well done michelle!! And well done Amelia for picking the winner :-) xx