Monday, 31 December 2012

My First Craft Fair

It's been a while since I last did a blog post.  In fact I've just realised I haven't done a post on my first craft fair which I promised myself I would do.  I can't believe a whole month has passed and Christmas has already been and gone :(
Anyway, my mum and I set off at 8am and arrived in a somewhat flooded car park at Delapre Abbey.  The weather had been awful and had been raining non-stop for days.  Luckily it stopped long enough for us to unload the car. One of the organisers told us where our table was located.  We were in one of the three small rooms in the Abbey.  The floors were pretty muddy with everyone coming in and out.  I was careful how to get out the white sheet which we used as a table cover.
We set out our table with my dolls and bags and my Mum's iPad cushions, bags and keyrings, etc which she sells on her page, Nina's Nicecties.  My dad made me a gorgeous clothes stand and some miniature hangers for me to hang my doll's dress-up clothes on.  I was so pleased with my little display.  The only downside was that the walls were solid concrete and I couldn't push a drawing pin into it, so I couldn't put up my Little Sugar Plums banner that I had printed, so the wall behind us looked a bit sparse. The bunting I made for the front of our stall looked lovely though.
Me on my stall with Craft Seller magazine!


The lovely Clothing rail my Dad made me
Our bags


Mum's accessories from Nina's Niceties (find her on Facebook)

The fair started at 10am to the public and finished at 4pm and it was non-stop the whole day!  There wasn't a quiet moment.  I met quite a few people who are fans on my facebook page and lots of friends and family came out to offer their support.  It was a great day. We did really well and I sold quite a few dolls and took some orders.  A lot of Mum's little accessories and bags sold well too.  One lady asked me if I could embroider her Daughter's name on the back of the dolly, which I did and delivered it to her house that evening...
It did take me a few days to recover.  Nobody told me how exhausting doing a craft fair would be!
I don't have any more fairs lined up for the New Year but it is certainly something I will consider.


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